The Schools of Ikebana

There are over one thousand different schools of ikebana throughout the world today.  The first school, Ikenobo goes back to the 700's CE and is considered the oldest school.  Five schools are represented in our club including Ikenobo, Chiko, Koryu Shoyo-kai, Ohara, Sogetsu.  

Ohara School

Ohara School emphasizes seasonal qualities, natural growth processes, and the beauty of natural environments.  Unshin Ohara founded this school in the late nineteenth century when he departed from previous ikebana forms and created the moribana style. This later evolved into the school's "landscape arrangement".  Worldwide there are 130,000 Ohara teachers and over one million students.

Our Ohara School Teacher:

Kuniko Nakano

Ohara School Master Teacher

Ohara School President


mobile: +61 450 149 190

home:  02 9880 2160 


Chiko School

Chiko School's intention is to create an elegant beauty with a modern sensibility.  Accessories such as seasonal fruits or vegetables, ornaments, doll or other artistic or folk objects are often included.  Sand is sometimes sprinkled at the base as a way to pull the composition together.


Ikenobo School

Ikenobo School began over 550 years ago and is considered the origin of ikebana. Founded by Prince Shotoku at Choho-ji Temple in Kyoto, it was developed by priests famous for their skill in arranging flowers.


Our Ikenobo Teacher

Aya Shibata


mobile:    0432 742 482

Koryu Shoyo-kai School

This School was founded by Imai Ichishiken Sofu in the middle of the eighteenth century, Edo period.  This style is known as Heaven, Earth and Man style and is called Seika arrangement. This classic style uses these three simple lines to express the universe. The principal of Koryu School is learning and observing the growth of plants and to reflect this beauty and simplicity in the arrangement.


Our Koryu Teacher

Megumi Bennett - Head of Koryu School Shoyo-kai in Australia

Address:  Koryu School of Ikebana, Hidden Orient

                206-208 Forest Way

                Belrose NSW 2084

Mobile:   0432 680 331


Sogetsu School

The Sogetsu School was started in 1927 by SofuTeshigahara who questioned the traditions of ikebana and preferred to respect the freedom of individual expressions.  "Anytime, anywhere, by anyone" is the creed of this School.  Today under the 4th lemoto Akane Teshigahara, Sogetsu is popular around the world as a school that draws out the freedom of expression in each individual, always new, always beautiful and never constrained by preconceptions.


Our Sogetsu School Teachers:

Masae Ako

Sogetsu First Grade Riji


mobile: 0408 150 354

Hiroko Prado

Sogetsu First Grade Komon


mobile: 0477 224 443

Yoshimi Tada

Senior Instructor



 mobile:    0421 327 390

Jenny Goodwin